About Wirex Limited

Wirex is a fintech start-up offering borderless, cloud-based fiat, bitcoin and altcoin-friendly banking platform. We think our services are cool. Others think so, too - we won a couple of pitch runs.

Here are a few things about us:

  • We started as a leading bitcoin debit card provider. In just over one year, we celebrated our 100,000th user.
  • As we started to offer more services, we decided to rebrand ourselves as Wirex.
  • Our headquarter is in London, one of the most prominent fintech hubs in the world.
  • Wirex employs staff from all over the world, both on-location and on remote-working basis. Currently, we have more than 70 employees. We are looking to grow this number to 150 by the end of 2017.
  • We think fintech services should be accessible to everyone. Thankfully, that’s what we do. We now serve over 150 countries, and that number is growing.

We are looking for international team members who can help us serve our global customers better. Are you keen to be a part of banking 3.0?

Who we look for

You don’t have to have a financial background, but you need to be familiar with current technologies. Our hiring approach is flexible - fintech is a still-evolving industry and we welcome individuals from various backgrounds for the synergy. We like innovation, so we like to find out good practices in other industries and implement it in our services.

The ideal candidate:

  • Have passion in fintech, cryptocurrencies and blockchain
  • Does not just think outside the box, but also able to redefine the box
  • Can communicate clearly to our global customers and staff members
  • Is self-motivated and goal-oriented
  • Brings a positive energy to the team
  • Open to new and exciting challenges in the fintech industry

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Current openings